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10 tips how to save money while on a cruise ship:

How to save money on a cruise:

Sailing the open seas is a great way to spend a vacation. Finding a good cruise fare is really very simple these days because the cruise industry has drastically cut the cost of cruise fares in an effort to fill ships to capacity.
Although it is possible to get a great deal on a cruise, you have to be careful of some of the money sucking traps and extra expenses once you are on the boat. Here are my top 10 ways to save money while on a cruise ship.

Cruise ship
Cruise ship
1. Do not use the Ship To Shore phones on a cruise.

Some calls can cost up to $ 15 / min. The best bet is to either use your cell phone or buy a phone card and use it while in port.

2. Avoid using Cruise Shore Excursions offered.

It is very easy to save money by doing a little research and buying a package tour independently directly from within the company excursions. You will avoid the additional fixed costs on the cruise line and still be able to enjoy the same trips with everyone else. Continue reading 10 tips how to save money while on a cruise ship: