Buying a Car: Used Cars – Four Letter Word?

Buying a Car: Used Cars – Four Letter Word?

Some people seem to buy a new car almost every year. What happens to all those cars after just one year? There are people who buy them and sometimes get good bargains.

As previously read a large part of the depreciation of a car it happens when you take it out of the dealership. So the main advantage of buying a used car is that you’re buying the vehicle after this huge reduction in price. That does not make a used car necessarily a long-term investment.Used car

Find a Used Car:

Used car salesmen have one of the worst reputations of any profession. While most will match this reputation, there are exceptions. If the deal seems too good to be true take precautions. This applies twofold for used vehicles. This theme will help you avoid some of the car bandits.

The search for a used car can be much more difficult than finding a new one. They are like snowflakes. Each is unique. That makes the process of comparative search in an art rather than an exact science. And dealers have some advantage because you cannot just go and buy the same car at another dealership that is identical.

There are three main sources from which you can get used car:

Used Car Dealer:

Dealers often offer a warranty on a used car – which is comforting when a previous owner could have used the car to keep their chickens on a paved road every day for the last three years. But probably more convenient as if you buy a car form a particular person price.

Particular person:

A little negotiation can really reduce the price that is fair for both the buyer and the seller. But you will not receive a guarantee. And to look at five cars, will probably have to visit five different people.

Public Auctions:

You can get some amazing deals at public auctions. No need to deal with a dealer and only other potential buyers will increase the price. The disadvantage in these auctions is that usually cannot test drive the car and it is very rare to receive a warranty on a car bought at auction.

Research is important:

The aim of buying a used car is to save money. But if you do not inspect the car thoroughly, it could end up costing more than a new car! First, find information about the value of the car in Kelly Blue Book to see what the initial price range is. Then get a history of the automobile. Ask the seller how it was used. If only it was used to drive for relaxing walks in the field several times a year, no problem. But if used as a vehicle for off-road racing, maybe you want to think twice.

Get the Vehicle History Report (Vehicle History Report, VHR) by using the Vehicle Identification Number. The cost is about $ 10 to $ 15, but this report will let you know if the car has had any major accident that could have weakened the body.

When it comes time to do the test drive, be ruthless and drive hard. Ask the seller about any strange noise that the car makes. Strange noise, It may be just an insignificant peculiarity. But it could also be an important sign of a much bigger problem. Press all buttons. Open all windows. Open and close all doors. Once you are sure that the car has nothing wrong, ask a professional mechanic to do the same. Subtract any defect from the price you are willing to pay for the vehicle. Realistically, you’ll pay the money to repair it.

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