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How to reduce your cell phone bill:

This is a wild guess, but I bet your monthly cell phone bill is higher than you’d like it to be. If you use a Smartphone as Android or Apple iPhone, which particularly have a higher monthly payments, with data and text messaging plans. Even though you’re locked into a contract with your service provider, there are solutions to reduce your mobile phone bills and get it under control.
Clearly, one way to reduce monthly mobile phone bill is to switch to a cheaper plan with fewer minutes. However there are other options:

  1. Texts for free:Reduce cell phone bill

You do not have to pay to send and receive text messages (SMS). For example, a number of iPhone applications that allows people to text at no cost. Usually these programs, such as SMS Freedom (an application for $2.00), send texts to the recipient cell phone through your email account. Responses are received as an e-mail, as well. While not ideal, you can save $5.00 and up per month.
In addition, Gmail users can send and receive free text messages from their computers, using the Google Talk chat feature. Continue reading How to reduce your cell phone bill:

Saving Money Tips on Airfare:

Saving Money Tips on Airfare:image

One of the most frequent frustrations when you are planning a trip and trying to save money is when you put in the spotlight a ticket for days or weeks and when you’re ready to buy, they suddenly raise the price. That’s when we complain of not having done the reservation earlier, when the price was still low and was on the days we had marked for travel. Continue reading Saving Money Tips on Airfare:

Cheap Christmas ideas:

Discover how to make your Christmas feel like a million dollars with little money by following these simple tips.image

-Edible Gifts. Bake with your family delicious desserts … and give them as a gift!

– Letters to the former. Remember the paper and pen? Put them to work! Hand write letters or notes to your loved ones; frame them to give them a special touch. Do not forget to use a nice pen!

– Homemade. Do you have a special talent? Gift this! Sewing, embroidery, knitting, cooking or doing a craft will be perfect for your family give him love. Continue reading Cheap Christmas ideas:

How to budget a household:

What is budget and why putting together a budget is important:

The budget details all household income and expenses. It is a very effective way of knowing how the money was spent, how much is needed for the satisfaction of basic needs and how income should be distributed to make it possible to fulfill all the obligations and achieve the important goals. Following are the steps of how to budget a household:

Your budget, plus help you identify your expenses and control your finances:

• It will help avoid impulse spending
• The guide to decide what can and cannot buy
• Allow you to keep track of how you spend your money
• Household budget will help create a savings plan
• Contribute to protect against the financial consequences of unforeseen events

Download free calculator:Household monthly budget calculator

The first Budget:

It is very likely for the first time you assemble a budget will be surprised with the amount of expenses facing your home every month. This realization is best to do as a family, thus each person can see what approach can work with maintaining the balance of the household bills.

Classifying expenditure:image
Classify your expenses and identify those that are easily reducible to see what you can save.
We suggest you classify structural or compulsory costs (rent, electricity, water, etc.), costs of basic necessities (food, basic clothing, transportation, etc.) and discretionary costs (entertainment, tourism, no basic clothing, etc.)

Structural costs are directly related to lifestyle, are difficult to change at short notice.

As for the necessities, you can decide when and where the purchase is made. It is recommended that, besides taking note of them, choose a single payment and that is easily maintained. This will buy more easily and increase control over these expenses. Pay with one credit card and making a payment on the payment date can be used to meet the expenses list and have a better control. Easily you can identify “where the money is going”.

Regarding discretionary spending is also advisable to select a single payment as a way to maximize control. Payment by credit card or debit card has the advantage of having a limit for this type of expenditure. This expenditure can be reduced if the first aims to save or going through adverse or uncertain circumstances. Continue reading How to budget a household: