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Tips to increase credit score:

Your Credit Score affects every important part of your financial life.  Some employers check it as part of a background check for a new employee, to see how responsible you are.  The owners want to see your report and credit score to know whether or not you pay the rent on time.  A good credit history is a necessity for any large loan such as a home or an auto loan.  And your credit score affects the price you’ll pay for auto insurance as well.accounting-761599_1280

If your credit is not in the optimal range of scores, some simple steps are recommended to get there:

◾ Use your credit cards sparingly, perhaps to pay some living expenses, such as a fuel tank or buying food.
◾ Never keep debt at the end of the month, it represents more than 15% of your total credit amount approved.
◾ Pay each card in full each month.
◾ Never miss the deadline of your card for payment.

If you follow these steps, it will not cost anything to increase your score, and you can build a great credit rating in the short term.  You can also apply and qualify for credit card companies with rewards programs or cash incentives.  However, if you ever had a large debt on your cards or you feel the urge to spend more every time they increase the limit of any of your credit card, then I would not recommend this path of action. Even the greatest credit card offers can be a slippery slope for people with a mentality of spending.

If your credit is in bad shape, do not despair.  There are also suggestions to flip terrible credit scores:

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