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How to reduce your cable bill:

While the transmission of TV in the US can be accessed through the digital waves and cable TV with additional channels.  Using a TV antenna or digital decoder, you can receive VHF and UHF channels from 2 to 51. For a monthly service charge, a package of cable television can expand your options for digital television with more than one thousand additional channels.TV remote

 The FCC Report:

The FCC conducted a survey on the average cost of cable television.

 The average cost of cable TV providers ranges for cable TV services and customer location.  Although providers of cable television services offer customers competitive prices, location can be a major factor when it comes to costs. Since the cable is a communication service within the US, the monthly charges includes taxes, surcharges and fees.  These additional fees fluctuate, depending on what part of the country you live in. According to the Federal Communications Commission in an article published in May 2014, the average monthly cost of cable TV is $64.00.  This total does not include the taxes, surcharges and fees which would round the average monthly bill to about $80. Continue reading How to reduce your cable bill: