How to reduce your cable bill:

While the transmission of TV in the US can be accessed through the digital waves and cable TV with additional channels.  Using a TV antenna or digital decoder, you can receive VHF and UHF channels from 2 to 51. For a monthly service charge, a package of cable television can expand your options for digital television with more than one thousand additional channels.TV remote

 The FCC Report:

The FCC conducted a survey on the average cost of cable television.

 The average cost of cable TV providers ranges for cable TV services and customer location.  Although providers of cable television services offer customers competitive prices, location can be a major factor when it comes to costs. Since the cable is a communication service within the US, the monthly charges includes taxes, surcharges and fees.  These additional fees fluctuate, depending on what part of the country you live in. According to the Federal Communications Commission in an article published in May 2014, the average monthly cost of cable TV is $64.00.  This total does not include the taxes, surcharges and fees which would round the average monthly bill to about $80.

 Cable TV provider Competitive Prices:

 Cable TV packages include movies and sports channels.

The survey by the FCC determined average prices cable providers charge for service and basic cable TV service have expanded basic cable.  Basic and extended supply basic cable between 130-300 channels, including movies and sports.

 Nationally, there are some TV providers very popular to choose from, including AT&T U-verse, Comcast, Verizon.  DISH and DirecTV as well offer cable television packages to meet the needs of television programming to consumers.

 Verizon offers customers 225 channels under its Preferred HD package for $65 per month.  Time Warner Cable offers a similar package with 200 channels with DVR service for $65 a month.  € ™ s Direct TV Ultimate package includes 225 channels for $50 per month.  For new customers, it’s not uncommon to receive a free, three-month trial with your TV package.

 Cutting the cost of cable TV:

 Providers of cable television services want your business.

 Another factor is the cable TV package you choose.  The more channels you want, more money you have to spend on the service.  You can alleviate some of the cost by working with your cable company to choose the plan that best fits within your budget.TV addict

Majority of cable TV companies provide packages that include cable television, Internet and telephone services provided at a single monthly bill.

 Prices of television services introductory monthly cable is subject to change once the promotional contract period is up.  Before the expiration date of your agreement price of one or two years, you can contact your service provider to negotiate a new price for their continued service.  Cable companies do want your business and provide customers loyalty discounts and benefits for the expanded service.

 Alternatives to Cable:

 Netflix and Hulu enable watching TV shows and movies for less than the cost of cable.

 The location is not only important in determining the average cost of cable TV, but also affects availability.  Some cable TV companies cannot have services available in certain areas, leaving some customers with limited choices of providers.  For those seeking alternative cable television, online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus offers a variety of movies and programming content.  These services offer movies and TV shows for less than the cost of cable and can be transmitted through your living room TV, computer, mobile phone or tablet.

 You’re able to enjoy as many movies and TV shows as you like at a cost of $7.99 per month for each service.  Hulu Plus allows new customers to try their service for free for a week without obligation.  Netflix is ​​a little more generous, extending an offer one month free trial for new users.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus require Internet access to stream content through a smart TV, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PC, and Mac or mobile.  Streaming services may use large amounts of data, especially when streaming movies or TV shows in high definition.  Netflix can consume up to 2.3 GB per hour when transmitting at the highest level of HD quality.

With the average cost of cable television constantly on the rise, choosing a TV, Internet and telephone package, or switch to a streaming service will save you money at home.

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4 thoughts on “How to reduce your cable bill:

  1. Those are some great tips on how to lower the cost of your cable. I, unfortunately, happen to spend too much on my cable because I want all the added perks, like DVR and on demand. The other problem I have is where I live makes it difficult to change companies when I don’t like them anymore because we only have one that comes out here. You should do a review on Cable vs. Satellite. I saw that you posted Dish and Direct TV, but I would like to see a comparison of them vs regular cable.

    1. Hi Kristena,

      It’s funny you should say that I’m in the same situation where I can only get cable from one company in my area. Of course I only get internet service from them I agree that there are limitations and inconvenience involved with cutting the plug from cable. The biggest one is the DVR capabilities. If you watch any shows on major networks you can watch them on their corresponding website. And HULU plus provides many shows.Netflix has many original shows as well.

      Good point I’ll give it some thought. Appriciate the suggetion.

  2. I agree with Kristena – a comparison would be a great post idea!

    As for all the alternatives to cable, I agree wholeheartedly but the most important advice I can give for someone pursuing these options is to have a rock solid, reliable and superfast internet connection! Without that, life will be miserable (I have faced this issue several times!). I’m due to move houses soon and that is the first thing I will invest in!

    1. Hi Shaz,
      That’s a great idea, I agree, you will need a reliable Wifi and descent amount of speed in order to enjoy the benefits of Netflix, Hulu. Good luck with moving!
      Thank you for dropping by.

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