How to save at the grocery store

How to save at the grocery store:image

One of the biggest expenses in any budget is the food item.  Supermarkets know and use this need to create ways to draw us and make us spend more.  Annually supermarket chains spend a lot of money researching how we can spend more money while we are inside the supermarket.  To have more information, check out these tips how to save at the grocery store, before going to the supermarket.

See how much money you have available:

If you want to stay away from any financial mess, you must first know how much money you have available to buy the items you want.  From personal experience I can tell you that if I do not have a clear objective of the amount I have available to spend, I will always end up spending more.  So you to avoid this, I suggest this: “Decide first and buy later”.  If you follow this advice you will avoid having a sense of guilt after seeing the receipt after your done shopping.

Make a list of what you want to buy: Grocery list

Write all the items you need to buy before you go to the supermarket.  If you do not know what you’re buying is likely to enter the business of buying “a few things” and end up leaving with a grocery bags full of other things you probably do not need. Without a list, it is very likely that you are walking around the aisles looking for “opportunities” to buy more than you need.  This is practically the most important recommendation, because it controls how much money you will spend.

Concentrate on the list:

Supermarkets have a strategy group the things they want you to buy, for example, if you want to buy charcoal or wood for a barbecue, you will find next to the boxes of charcoal the aisles are filled with item to handle meat, condiments and spices to add flavor, elements to light the fire and even soft drinks, beers and wines to accompany the roast. Stay focused on the list you have, so as not to deviate with these strategies.

Look at the shelves above and below:120px-Women_grocery_shopping

If you find yourself in the middle of the aisles, be sure not to look only at shelves that are directly at your eye level.  When a product is directly at your eye level in the supermarket, it is because the manufacturer paid more for that position and thus increase sales.

Do not buy products in the checkout line:

Surely you’ve noticed that when you get to the supermarket, find soft drinks, gum, candy and other snacks, well, this is done with the intent to induce you to buy more before leaving the supermarket.  Again, this situation is no accident because studies show that one of the places in the supermarket where you spend a considerable time, is waiting in the checkout line, and therefore, to pass the time, you entertain looking at the different items that they offer, so you end up buying something you did not need.

Do not take into account the ends of aisles:

At the ends of the aisles are products that excites buyers.  Premium or key products are displayed here with the highest production margins.  Many customers also unconsciously assume that these items are on sale. If you are interested in the end product, take care to compare prices, since it could be a temptation for you.

Take the time to walk:

Most supermarkets the fresh produce is not located close to the entrance.  Usually they placed in the middle, isolated, and then put the prepared food or snacks that are usually more expensive.  We all know that fresh is healthier (and in some cases cheaper) then take the time to walk around and get to the aisle where the healthy foods.

Look at your refrigerator before you leave:

If you want to save money on food, then first you have to eat what you have at home.  You look at your refrigerator and pantry to see what you can do with the foods you currently have. This way you will only go to the supermarket, when you have prepared your list and go when strictly necessary.

If you are hungry do not come to buy:

According to experts in the US, if we go to buy when we are hungry, unconsciously we begin to take items and put them in the shopping cart (trying to fill otherwise our stomach). Therefore if you want to save money, eat before you go and it will be easier to avoid temptation.

Cook yourself:flambe-cooking

To me I have always loved cooking, but sometimes there is not time to cook. Choose fresh easy ingredients to cook with. There is a lot of recipes available to show you how you can prepare a meal under 30 minutes.

Search sources:

Many foods are cheaper food premises belonging to a specific community.  You can find food at a great price, if you buy in larger quantities by a community for example Asian or Middle Eastern.  You will realize that spices or other foods are a bargain compared with any such local supermarket chain.

Try New Foods:

They say it’s never too late to learn, and when it comes to food. There is a huge variety of foods that you can probably learn how to prepare, with ingredients that allow you to save a considerable amount of money and at the same time enjoy a pleasant dining experience.