BankRate ( )

  Bank Rate provides free credit card tips and information on fees.

Consumer Action (CA) ( )

 Consumer Action publishes free polls on the terms of dozens of credit cards including interest rates, fees and other terms in addition to brochures and guides on choosing and using credit cards.  They speak Chinese, English and Spanish.  415-777-9635 and 213-624-8327, TTY: 415-777-9456;   .

CardWeb ( )

 Web Card provides a list of credit cards and provides newsletters via email to consumers, FAQs and credit card calculators online.

CardRatings ( )

 Card Ratings provides a listing and reviews on different credit cards, advice and credit card calculators.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC English) ( ; 877-382-4357)

 FTC offers a wide range of free credit card and consumer rights publications.  It also accepts complaints from consumers for use in investigating violations, but does not resolve individual disputes.

Federal Reserve Board ( )

 The Board of the Federal Reserve provides a free brochure on choosing a credit card and a guide to credit protection laws.

American Express ( )

 Tips on money management, credit scoring, fraud protection, travel, shopping online and more.  Main sheet click “Resources for Cardmembers.”